Vision statement

Alliance Network

Growth Solutions for Medical Billing Companies, HIT Vendors and Consulting Groups. We believe in a culture that puts service before self and by leveraging partnerships with a variety of subject matter experts, together we make a difference in the communities and clients we serve.



HealthCell is strategically positioned to offer you a unique non-competitive partnership through

  1. Turnkey expanded revenue cycle services
  2. Cost effective and scalable medical billing resources
  3. Joint marketing campaigns
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Subject Matter Experts

HealthCell is actively seeking individuals, groups, and companies to share their knowledge with our community of clients and network. We offer webinars, workshops, white papers, and all other kinds of content we distribute. Contact us to learn more about participating.

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Alliance Network


HealthCell helps thousands of clients every day perform at industry leading levels. If you know someone who can benefit from our expertise and services, simply make an introduction and we share a referral fee for your time. Contact us to learn more.

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